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Welcome to RHV Media, where transparency, accuracy, and your privacy are paramount. This disclaimer serves to outline important terms and conditions governing your use of our website. We value your feedback and encourage you to reach out to us at should you encounter any discrepancies or have concerns about the content presented. As we strive for precision in our information dissemination, this disclaimer elucidates our stance on liability, privacy inquiries, and the protection of intellectual property. Your understanding of these terms ensures a secure and informed interaction with RHV Media's digital platforms.


RHV Media is dedicated to maintaining the accuracy and relevance of our website content. If you come across any inaccuracies or outdated information, we encourage you to report it to While we strive to minimize required fields in web forms, we explicitly disclaim liability for losses resulting from inaccuracies, incompleteness, or disruptions related to internet use. We are not responsible for losses incurred from the use of information, advice, or ideas provided on our website. Responses and privacy inquiries submitted to will be handled similarly to letters, with an anticipated response time of one month, and up to three months for complex requests. Personal data shared in responses will be treated in accordance with our privacy statement. RHV Media takes reasonable measures to protect its systems but is not liable for losses due to unlawful third-party use. Hyperlinks to third-party sites may be present, and users engaging with such links are subject to the terms and conditions of those parties. All intellectual property rights for website content belong to RHV Media or relevant third parties. No license or rights under Copyright, Trademark, Patent, or other Intellectual Property Rights are granted unless stipulated by mandatory law. Unauthorized use, reproduction, alteration, or commercialization of website resources is prohibited without our prior written permission. For any accessibility concerns or inquiries, please contact us at

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