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Terms and Conditions

Introduction Welcome to RHV Media's Terms and Conditions, governing your engagement with our website and transactions related to our services. Additional contracts may prevail in case of conflicts.


Introduction to RHV Media Terms and Conditions

Last Updated: 5/12/2023

  1. Binding Agreement: Your use of this website binds you to these terms. Registration, access, or utilization implies acceptance. Explicit agreement may be requested in specific cases.

  2. Electronic Communication:  Agree to electronic communication satisfaction of legal requirements. We may communicate through the website or email at

  3. Intellectual Property: RHV Media or licensors own website intellectual property. No license is granted without prior written permission.

  4. Third-party Property: Our website may link to third-party sites. We're not responsible for their content or privacy practices.

  5. Responsible Use: Use the website per its purpose, adhering to these Terms, laws, and industry standards. Prohibited activities include malicious software distribution and unauthorized data collection.

  6. Idea Submission: Don't submit intellectual property without a signed agreement. Unsolicited submissions imply a license for RHV Media.

  7. Termination of Use: RHV Media may modify or discontinue the website. No compensation for lost features.

  8. Warranties and Liability: The website is provided "as is." RHV Media disclaims all warranties. Liability is limited to the total price paid for services.

  9. Privacy: Provide accurate information. Refer to our Privacy Statement and Cookie Policy at

  10. Export Restrictions / Legal Compliance: Use the website per South African laws. Access from illegal territories is prohibited.

  11. Affiliate Marketing: RHV Media may engage in affiliate marketing and accept sponsorships. This disclosure complies with legal requirements.

  12. Assignment: No assignment of rights without written consent.

  13. Breaches: RHV Media may suspend your access for breaches.

  14. Force Majeure: Not liable for delays beyond our control.

  15. Indemnification: You agree to indemnify RHV Media against claims related to violations.

  16. Waiver: Failure to enforce provisions doesn't waive rights.

  17. Language: Terms interpreted exclusively in English.

  18. Entire Agreement: These Terms, along with our privacy statement , constitute the entire agreement.

  19. Updating of Terms: RHV Media may update these Terms. Notice of changes will be provided.

  20. Choice of Law and Jurisdiction: Governing law is South Africa. Disputes subject to South African courts.

  21. Contact Information: For inquiries, contact

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